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At LULU, we recognise the value of a diverse workforce. We are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and fostering an inclusive workplace where all employees are treated with respect and dignity. At LULU, workforce diversity is a business imperative.LULU provides equal opportunity to all its employees / personnel and all qualified applicants for employment, without regard to their race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability.The objective of the“Equal opportunity policy for persons with disabilities” is to ensure that the persons with disabilities enjoy the right to equality, life with dignity and respect equally with others. In this way, we hope to be able to meet the needs of our customers better, thus producing business excellence. This Equal Opportunity Policy is in accordance with the provisions of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and Central Government Rules 2017 and respective State Rules. We will always abide by the principles of the Policy in letter and in spirit.

Policy statement

LULU is committed to eliminating all forms of unlawful discrimination (which includes direct discrimination and indirect discrimination), bullying and harassment of employees with disabilities. We continuously strive to ensure that all our facilities, technologies, information and privileges are accessible to employees with disabilities. We encourage candidates with different disabilities to apply. Our decisions on employment, career progression, training or any other benefits are solely based on merit. We follow an inclusive evaluation process by ensuring that a person with disability is provided with any suitable flexibility and accommodation that may be required so that she/he may be evaluated fairly. If an employee acquires a disability during her/his employment tenure she/he can return to work at the same rank as before. In case the employee is unable to perform the current job, the organisation will invest in re-skilling the employee for another position at the same rank or higher.


Policy covers all employees with disabilities in LULU. They could be job applicants, full-time/part-time employees, interns/trainees, contractual employees, including temporary employees. It also covers those employees who acquire disability during their work tenure. The Policy applies to all aspects of employment, including recruitment, training, working conditions, salaries, transfers, employee benefits and career advancement.

Policy details- facilities and amenities

LULU ensures suitable facilities and infrastructure are being provided to employees with disabilities to enable them to effectively discharge their duties in the establishment. Any new facility that is built, renovated, leased or rented will be evaluated for compliance with accessibility standards at different stages of the building construction. Any employee facing accessibility issues should report to the facilities team at their location or write to the Liaison Officer.

List of positions identified.

At LULU, all positions are open to people with all types of disabilities depending upon the nature of work. The hiring is purely based on merit and candidates are evaluated based on their skills and competence.


All positions are open to people with all types of disabilities and are published on LULU career site, social media, and job portals. Our key focus is to ensure that all our existing sourcing channels and methods are inclusive.


The selection process is the same for all candidates, including persons with disability. Flexibility will be provided to job applicants with disabilities as required. Job applicants who need specific adjustment in the selection process can contact the recruiter or the Liaison officer.

Post- recruitment and pre-promotion training.

Induction training is an essential component of the service requirement of an employee. Induction training program for the persons with disabilities shall be imparted together with other employees. However, as the case may be, job specific post-recruitment training for persons with disabilities may be conducted to enable them to carry out their jobs effectively.

  • Pre-promotion training shall be conducted for the PWD employees.

Preference in transfer and posting

Lulu will provide preferences in transfer and posting to the persons with disabilities, subject to the administrative exigencies.  The persons with disabilities employed in LULU in all cadres shall normally be exempted from the routine periodical transfers. They shall not normally be transferred even on promotion, if a vacancy exists in the same office, town/city. When the transfer of such employee becomes inevitable on promotion or any other reason to a place other than his/her original place of appointment, it would be ensured preferably that such employees are  posted nearest to their original place of posting and in any case are not transferred to far off/remote places.

Special Casual Leave

Employees with disability shall be eligible for the following leave in addition to the leaves available to all the employees of Lulu in general-

 10 days of Special Casual Leave in a calendar year for participating in conference, seminar, training or workshop related to disability and development to be specified by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MoSJE) subject to exigencies.

 4 days Special Casual Leave in a calendar year for physically/orthopedically challenged employee.

Accessibility and barrier free environment at workplace.

Easy accessibility and barrier free environment such as ramp and lifts have been facilitated by Lulu, wherever it is feasible.

Preference in accommodation

Preference shall be given to PWD employees for allotment of Lulu’s accommodation, as far as possible. Request of PWD employees for allotment of ground floor flats shall be considered by the Lulu, subject to availability.



LULU shall maintain, below mentioned records reflecting details of the Disabled persons employed:

  1. a) Number of persons with Disability(ies) employed with the respective date of commencement of employment.
  2. b) Name, gender and address of the persons with Disability(ies).
  3. c) Nature of Disability of such persons.
  4. d) Nature of work rendered by such Disabled person; and
  5. e) Kind of facilities provided to persons with Disability(ies).

 The records maintained shall be open to inspection at all reasonable hours to such persons as may be authorised in their behalf by the appropriate Government. Confidentiality of the data will be maintained with access being provided only to employees who have a ‘need to know’, for instance, in order to provide security, to ensure provision of reasonable accommodations, etc.


LULU has appointed Liaison Officer for persons with disabilities, as per the mandate of the Central Rules under the RPWD Act. She/he will coordinate with the various concerned departments and provide subject matter expertise to implement the plan. She/he will also raise awareness among all employees in the company to create an inclusive work environment.

  • HR Manager

Human Resource managers have the functional responsibility for ensuring compliance with the provisions of this policy. They should proactively take steps to ensure that all employees are sensitized and there is no discrimination in recruitment, training, career development and other aspects of employment.

Grievance redressal


LULU has a well-defined grievance redressal mechanism, to enable its employees and others associated with the company not to overlook any concern but instead raise it at early stage in the right manner, without fear of retaliation, victimization, subsequent discrimination, or disadvantage at the workplace. LULU does not tolerate any malpractice, impropriety, abuse or wrongdoing or discrimination or harassment and encourages its employees to raise their concerns.

The process is as follows:

  • If the Employee faces any issues, he/she should reach out tohighlight the case to his/her Line Manager in writing. If line Manager fails to address the grievance or if the complaint is against Line Manager, then the Employee should reach out to HR of his/her respective business.
  • In case the employee is not convinced or satisfied with the resolution provided by Manager &/or HR, he/she may raise his/her grievance with the grievance redressal officer appointed by LULU as per this Policy, in respect to Disability related grievances. Employee may reach out to Rajiv K P, Head HR of the Company ([email protected]) addressing it to the grievance redressal officer. The organization ensures that such concerns would be thoroughly inquired by the designated persons independently and fairly. While the company considers the malpractices or wrongdoing or abuse or harassments in general, it is also conscious of the likelihood of any direct or indirect discrimination or denial of reasonable accommodation or bullying behaviour towards employees with disability and would treat such instances also, as malpractice, abuse or harassment, as the case may be. However, necessary reasonable accommodation will be provided to employees with disabilities to effectively participate in the investigation process.For Lulu International Shopping Malls Private Limited

Rajiv K P

Head HR